Basil specialises in Heritage home restorations and renovations. When we receive a call or email Basil's process generally begins with an initial meeting with you, the home owner. We go over your needs wants for your dream renovation and brainstorm various ideas together. We truly care about the client relationship and are always there every step of the way with you. We work with integrity , transparency and communication and strive to exceed expectations.

 That is what separates us from other businesses. Our customer relationships are built on trust, transparency and communication. The first consultation typically takes a hour, it’s where the fun and excitement and dreams begin. It’s where the vision of your dream home starts to take shape.


We discuss and evaluate how your lifestyle will benefit from our basil team and design. Basil's Process is a result of over 28 years of teamwork and collaboration. Our team of trained professionals, under the direction of a dedicated project manager, work closely and handle the details from the first meeting to completion of your dream home.


Each project we undertake starts with you. What is your goals and dreams of your renovation? Let’s come up with some ideas on how to make your home more beautiful and liveable. We can assist you with planning, permitting, budgeting, design and construction. We specialise in Heritage restoration and complex renovations. 

Here are some services we offer:

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